About Lou Bock

In the 1970s, Lou started working for Joe Kimbrough, the legendary bluegrass tenor, at Joe's Monterey Bay Wine Company, where Lou got the bug for the wine business. 


After being a cattle rancher in Santa Cruz, Bock decided to go into the wine business. He applied for and received a federal loan for new farmers, buying a vineyard in Redwood Valley (northeast of Ukiah), a prime grape growing region in Mendocino County.

There he grew Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese, and Viognier for his first winery labels: Chance Creek Wines and Terroir 95470. He believes in farming organically, and his own wines are all certified "Made with Organic Grapes."


In 1983, Bock founded Bock Vines & Wines. Over the years, operations moved from Bock’s living room to a small office in downtown Davenport, California.

After expanding the Bock catalog to include world class, limited production spirits, Bock Vines & Wines became Bock Wines & Spirits - a statewide operation.

He later moved to the San Francisco waterfront, before settling in the East Bay in his current location at the historic Winehaven in Richmond, California. The bayside, brick winery was built in 1907, after the San Francisco earthquake and was formerly the largest winery in the world (1907-1921). 


Today, Lou Bock’s Redwood Valley property is a certified organic farm producing olives, olive oil, wine, and lamb. His experience as a rancher, vintner, and farmer is the foundation of his longstanding commitment to working with organic and biodynamic producers.

Bock's new base at Winehaven makes his company the first enterprise to bring wine back to this historic landmark. 

Winehaven is now on its way to being developed as a site for artisans of all kinds, including Bock's wine distribution and warehousing businesses. 

Bock's latest wine and his newest brand is Fletcher Louis Winery (named for his grandson). 

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