Producers by Region

Agrelo (Lujan de Cuyo): Fincas Don Martino
Altamira (San Carlos): Carlos Bassos

La Rioja (Valle de Famatina): La Yunta Wines

Mendoza (Tunuyan): Carlos Bassos

Salta: Yacochuya


Valle de Colchagua: Vina Peralillo


Baja (Guadalupe Valley): Villa Montefiori


Canelones (Las Violetas): Bodega Bouza 

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon 


Red Blends


White Wines




Carlos Bassos

Altamira and Mendoza

In 1935, Adolfo Basso, together with his brother Tulio, purchased the “Santa Ana” winery, eventually turning it into one of Argentina’s largest bodegas. Seeking to simplify their lives and once again become involved in small production winemaking, the family sold “Santa Ana” in 1996. 

Using the profits from this sale, the Basso’s purchased and remodeled a small winery in Carrodilla, Mendoza the following year. 

The winery is 100% estate, with two vineyards in Mendoza’s Uco Valley. Carlos and his son Adolfo run the day-to-day operations of the winery. 

Carlos Bassos 

Malbec “Dos Fincas” 

Cabernet / Malbec “Dos Fincas” 

Fincas Don Martino

Lujan de Cuyo (Agrelo), Mendoza, Organic

Fincas Don Martino is a creation of famed agronomist Mauricio Parodi and Buenos Aires businessman Hugo Martino. 

The vines, planted in 1926, are ungrafted Malbec clones originally brought to Argentina from France. 

As production is limited by the small size of the vineyard, both wines have become “cult” items in their native Mendoza. 

Both wines are produced organically, fermented with native yeast, and bottled unfined and unfiltered. 

Fincas Don Martino

Malbec "Old Vine"

La Yunta

Valle de Famatina, La Rioja

The Spanish words, “La Yunta” signify a pair pulling together for a common cause. This unique project was created in 2001 by Kirk Ermisch and winemaking friends as a way of showing the world the excellence and crisp, lively balance of the Torrontés grape. 

La Yunta 




From the 60 year old vines the grapes are handpicked and the wines are aged in French oak barrels. 

Yacochuya wines were the first to be barrel fermented in Argentina. 

Made by Michel Rolland, this is a unique high altitude region of Cafayate. 


Cafayate Malbec 


Viña Peralillo

Valle de Colchagua

Founded in 1998, Viña Peralillo is located in the Colchagua Valley at 656 feet altitude, 155 miles from Santiago. 

On the coastal side of the valley, their estate benefits from a significant maritime influence, allowing daily temperature fluctuations of up to 70 degrees.

Viña Peralillo

Arenal Cabernet Sauvignon 


Villa Montefiori

Guadalupe Valley, Baja

Villa Montfiori was founded in 1997 with the planting of 42 acres of land in the Valle de Guadalupe viticulture area of Northern Baja California, Mexico. 

Originally from Le Marche, Italy, the Paoloni family is dedicated to their traditions, and focus on both Italian and classic French grape varieties. 

Villa Montefiori

Cabernet Sauvignon/Sangiovese


Bodega Bouza

Las Violetas, Canelones

Uruguay’s most critically acclaimed producer is a small winery located in the outskirts of Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital. 

There is considerable limestone in the soil. 

The winery embraces modern techniques - cropping for low yields; gravity flow winemaking, the use of temperature control, stainless steel fermentors and tanks and high grade French and American Oak. Yet their wines scream typicity, showcasing the region’s fascinating character. (elixerwines.com) 

Bodega Bouzo

Tannat Reserva  

Monte Vide Eu (Tannat/Merlot/Temp)