Producers by Region


Beaujolais: Celine et Nicolas Hirsch

Brettany: Claque-Pepin (Cider)

Corsica: Domaine Terra Vecchia

Languedoc: Domaine des Sauvaire

Rhone Valley: Maison Ughetto-Audoin


Piemonte: Enzo Boglietti


Madeira: Vinhos Barbeito Madeira


Andalucia: Pemertin Sherry and Jerez de la Frontera

Ribera del Duero: Bodegas PradoRey 

Riaz Baixas: Pazo Pondal

Red Wines


Gamay (Beaujolais)

Red Blend

Red Rhone Blend


White Wines



White Blend


Cider (Apple, Pear)




Céline et Nicolas Hirsch


Born in Alsace, Céline and Nicolas quickly fell in love with wine and with each other. 

They headed South to the Beaujolais region, where they also fell for the gnarly old Gamay vines of an estate in Chénas. They now farm four hectares (9.88 acres) of old vine, densely planted Gamay growing on steep granitic, sandy soils. 

While they’re not certifid organic or biodynamic, they use many of the similar methods to treat the vines, and have won awards for their environmentally friendly vineyard management. 

At harvest, everything is handpicked to focus on quality, and the wines undergo fermentation via wild yeasts in cement tanks. Some cuvees see oak, but the key here is transparency of terroir. At bottling, there’s only a light fltering, and nofining. 

Céline et Nicolas Hirsch


Claque-Pepin Cidre


The cultivation of the cider apple stems from the equal respect for tradition and the ecosystem. The cider trees, with their shapely, tall branches and deep roots reflect these ideals. Cider is primarily a matter of terroir, the soil which gives its particular character to the apples and the product. A good cider is also a fruit; the apples bring the richness of their aroma and flavors to the cider. A great cider is an expression of skill: a multi-generational knowledge passed down by those who first cultivated the land and who bequeathed their knowledge of apples and cider-making to today’s generation. 


Apple Cider

Pear Cider Org

Domaine des Sauvaires


The Sauvaire family has been working the land around Crespian, in the Languedoc, since the mid-1600s. Hervé Sauvaire works the land here using ancestral methods, with no pesticides or chemicals. He believes in letting the vineyard work in conjunction with the land around it to and balance on its own, without man’s help.

Indigenous yeasts are allowed to take over all fermentation duties, and the wines are allowed to sit in steel and cement tanks, with absolutely no oak treatment: this allows the purity of the terroir to shine through.

Domaine des Sauvaires

Mas Sauvaire 

Domaine Terra Vecchia


Fruit producer and vigneron from 2006, Jean-François Renucci owns the neighboring vineyards on the east coast of Corsica, but he wanted to bring a new dimension to the Corsican wine industry. 

In his quest for excellence he replanted the whole vineyard with island grape varieties using ultra modern techniques and surrounded himself with a young, competent and dynamic team. 

Domaine Terra Vecchia

I’lle de Beaute Blanc

I’lle de Beaute Rouge 

Maison Ughetto-Audoin

Rhone Valley

Born in 2010 as a partnership between two friends, Eric Ughetto and Lionel Audoin, Maison Ughetto-Audoin focuses on high-quality, small production organic wines. 

Eric is a winemaker, and Lionel is both a professor of pPhilosophy as well as a part time winemaker. 

Both men are originally from the Rhône Valley and have worked in the wine industry for decades. 

Wild yeasts are allowed to ferment the wines in cement and stainless steel vessels, and 4-5 year old lightly toasted French barrels are used sparingly depending on the cuvée. Lastly, they are unfined and unfiltered. 

Domaine Terra Vecchia

Cotes du Rhone “Plan de Dieu” 


Enzo Boglietti


Azienda Agricola Enzo Boglietti is a family run winery that produces about 100.000 bottles a year with grapes coming exclusively from 22 hectares of vineyards. 

The winery is located in La Morra, while the vineyards are scattered amongst the Comuni of La Morra, Barolo, Monforte, Serralunga d’Alba, and Roddino e Sinio. 

Enzo Boglietti is in charge of all winery matters while Gianni Boglietti meticulously manages the vineyards and looks after the quality of grapes. 

Enzo Boglietti

Barbera d’Alba 


Vinhos Barbeito Madeira


Vinhos Barbeito Madeira was founded in 1946 by Mario Bebeito de Vasconcelos and has since then been run by members of the family. 

The company concentrates on producing quality Madeira wines with a unique style. 

Vinhos Barbeito 

Malvasia Old Reserve 10 years old (Sweet) 

Boal Old Reserve 10 years old (Medium Sweet) 

Veramar Boal 5 years old (Medium Sweet) 

Rainwater Verdelho 5 years old (Medium Dry) 

Crown Barbeito 3 years old (Medium Rich) 

Rainwater 3 years old (Dry) 


Bodegas PradoRey

Ribera del Duero


Javier Cremades de Adaro, an agronomist who loved the countryside, acquired the estate and planted the first 200 hectares which would eventually grow to 520 hectares, spread over eight terroirs: Hoyo Dornajo, La Mina, Prado del Rey, El Pino, Los Robles, Valdelayegua, Salg. 

Our winemaking philosophy is based on highlighting the tipicity of the terroir while respecting the characteristics of the grape and maintaining the freshness of the fruit. 



Pradorey Verdejo 

Pradorey Red 

Pradorey Roble 

Pazo Pondal

Rias Baixas

Currently, we are the second generation in a family tradition dedicated to the cultivation of our beloved Albariño. 

After many years of hard work, we saw our dreams come true in 2006 with the inauguration of the Pazo Pondal winery, built on the Pondal plot from which it gets its name. 

We have inherited the passion, devotion and love of the vineyards from our ancestors, and are increasingly dedicated to viticulture that is responsible and respectful of the environment. 

Pazo Pondal

Albarino Leira 

Pemartin Sherry and Jerez De La Frontera


The Jerez Division is located in the mythical Sherries producing triangle of southern Spain, which encloses Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María, and Sanlúcar de Barrameda Municipalities. Wines from this certi ed origin issue from both the natural environment conditions, and man action, the latter being rather significant for Sherry Wines quality. 

Pemartin Sherry and Jerez De La Frontera


Pemartin Dry Fino Sherry 

Pemartin Amontillado Dry Sherry 

Pemartin Rich Cream Sherry