El Rey Zapoteco

Oaxaca, Mexico

“Rey Zapoteco” was born in one of Oaxaca’s most magical mezcal producing Valleys, Santiago Matatlán. 

Founded by Don Serafín Hernandez Blas in 1960, “Rey Zapoteco” has consistently produced the finest spirits in the region. Santiago Matatlán has optimal weather conditions for growing agave, especially when it is produced with love and respect for Mother Nature. 

For “Rey Zapoteco,” we only select the best agaves, those who have already borne young agaves and ensuring that their legacy is sustainable and nurtures the Earth as She nurtures us. 

One producer, one palenque, one spirit. 

El Rey Zapoteco


Mezcal Espiritu 

Mezcal Joven 

Mezcal Reposado