Bock Wine & Spirits Goals

  • To care about the clientele of our customers and their pure satisfaction from the wines and spirits we represent.

  • To offer the most complete line of terroir driven wines and spirits in the world.

  • To strive for products that are harmonious, balanced, and value oriented.

  • To search out wine producers that are,  first and foremost, wine growers, and if not so lucky as to own their own vines, to obtain producers who have strong and collaborative relationships with their growers.

  • To search out distillers who have a keen knowledge of their craft and who, while respecting tradition, are evolving at the same time their art of producing essential spirits.

  • To represent our wines and spirits in a professional and courteous manner.

  • To constantly grow and enhance our knowledge of the wine and spirits products that we represent and expand our relationships with our suppliers
    to better serve our customers.

  • To represent only producers with integrity and high standards.

These beliefs and high standards must be carried through to the end product, giving us the best wines and spirits to present to our clients.

  • To be economically viable, honest and productive.

The bottom line: we are customer driven. And we care about your bottom line. 

Lou Bock