Boggy Meadows

New Hampshire

Switchel, a traditional recipe during haying time, was served as a thirst quencher to the hardworking farmhands in the field. 

We combine this restorative botanical essence of boiled apple cider, ginger, and the slightest touch of vinegar with the highest quality grain neutral spirits - distilled six times to capture the clarity of the ingredients.

35% Alcohol by Volume; 70 Proof. Tasty and exceptional.

Boggy Meadow Farm


Switchel Cider Vodka 

Dutch & Dewey Distillery

Humboldt County, California

A smooth, sipping vodka made with ultra pure local captured rain water. Its smoothness is attained by the purifying capabilities of the still (no carbon  filtration needed) and it is quadruple distilled to 191.2 proof to ensure the highest purity and best flavor and then diluted to 80 proof. 

Dutch & Dewey’s vodka embodies the return of real vodka to a marketplace saturated with vodka made from neutral grain spirits. 

Dutch & Dewey Distillery

Farm Horse Vodka 

Sespe Creek Distillery

Oxnard, California

David Brandt, Ph.D., distiller and Steve Jurak, founder/marketer, are the magic behind Dr. ZZyzx's flavored vodkas. 

Brandt's extensive experience with chemistry, technology and medicine has given him a unique perspective on the distillation process. His insights have resulted in some of the industry’s most important breakthroughs, including the accelerated aging of spirits, intense grain smoking and all natural flavor infusion. David’s lab is located inside the Oxnard, California distillery where everyday he brings the spirit of innovation and exploration to the field of craft spirits. 

Sespe Creek Distillery

Dr. Zzyzx Desert Rose Vodka 

Dr. Zzyzx Caraway Vodka 

Dr. Zzyzx Desert Sage Vodka 

Dr. Zzyzx Chipolte Vodka 

Vodka 14 (Organic)


Vodka 14 is one of the oldest craft vodkas on the American market and one of the oldest organic vodkas, as well. 

When we started Vodka 14 back in 2005, organic vodka was all but unheard of, and craft-distilling wasn’t even a thing – we had some work to do to convince people that a small producer was even capable of making an exceptional quality vodka. 

Vodka 14

Organic Vodka